The Nudism Lifestyle

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There are many different lifestyles that people engage in everyday. There is the heterosexual lifestyle and the homosexual lifestyle. In addition, there is a married person’s lifestyle and a single person’s lifestyle, at least that is what many people in society think and because of this there are many judgments regarding many different lifestyles. One type of lifestyle that gets much scrutiny is the nudism lifestyle.

There are many people that make up the society in which we live and because of this there are many types of lifestyles that people might consider to engage in. For instance, there are many married couples but there are also many people that choose to live together without getting married and these people might even have a child or children together. In addition, many people have been upset by the lifestyle that has been labeled the homosexual lifestyle. Many people are upset by the homosexual lifestyle because they believe that this type of lifestyle entails much excess sex using no protection. Therefore, it is believed that the homosexual lifestyle promotes the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases such as A.I.D.S. In addition to disapproving of the homosexual lifestyle many people in society today disapprove of the nudism lifestyle because they believed that being nude should take place in the privacy of the house instead of outdoors on a beach or other location.

I think society is so concerned about the nudism lifestyle because it believes that nudists or naturalists love to go nude without concern for other people’s feelings. People might feel that nudist or naturalist will push their beliefs on other people and then the entire society would go nude or natural. Moreover, it is possible that society is against the nudism lifestyle because it equates nudism with sex and sexuality. This connection might harbor the value that people who follow the nudism lifestyle also have a lot of indiscriminate sex which could lead to many sexually diseases such as A.I.D.S. However, believing that nudists or naturalist will promote sex with anyone at anytime is an example of a stereotype.

Stereotypes can and often do lead to prejudice. Moreover, when society views a group of people that doesn’t follow what it feels is the norm in the society than prejudice soon will be attracted to a particular group. Prejudice seems to be attracted to both to homosexuals and nudists or naturalists. However, before making any judgments concerning nudism or naturalist and their lifestyle there are things that people need to understand. There are many people who are nudist or naturalists that we may not be aware of because they do choose to be nude only in the privacy of their own homes or in other places where nudity is allowed such as a variety of clothing optional or nude beaches such as the Red, White, and Blue beach, Black’s beach, and Montalivet beach. The former nude beaches are located in the United States, specifically in California and the latter nude beach is located in France. I think that there are more clothing optional or nude beaches internationally throughout Europe and Australia because Europeans and other people are more comfortable with their sexuality and nudity than most Americans.

In dealing with the nudism lifestyle society must remember that nudism is not a new phenomenon. Being nude is fun and healthy. After all we are all born nudists Nudism promotes body acceptance, self-confidence, and freedom. We must remember that education is a very good tool. Therefore, before society condemns the nudism lifestyle it should encourage people to learn about it if they wish. In fact, there are some very good websites that explain and provide many benefits of the nudism lifestyle. In addition, there is an organization called the Naturalist Society. - Nudist Family & Nude Lifestyle Photography

Naturism is a very popular lifestyle choice these days, and the sight of a nudist family, particularly along the beaches of Europe is a very common sight. While nudism is not quite as popular yet in the morally uptight United States, it is all the rage on the grand continent, particularly in the warmer climates of Russia. - Nudist Family & Nude Lifestyle Photography
The nudist family is a simple nuclear family that believes in and practices the philosophy of naturism. Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle that celebrates freedom and a oneness with nature. Naturism, or nudism, is very popular in most parts of the world, and is growing in popularity each and every year. The nudist family is a common site in most of the nude beaches, spas, and resorts that populate the world. The nudist family is a very carefree and open family that ignores the everyday struggles of the common man, foregoing stress and angst and neckties in favor of the oneness associated with closeness to God and nature. In fact, Russian family nudism is a largely Christian movement that is faith based and driven at its core. There are large sects of Christianity in Russia that espouse the wonders of naturism and nudism, and profess that that nudist t family is ideally expressing God’s will at its purest. God did not create us wearing clothing. In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve did not need clothing until after the serpent and the apple, once sin and guilt were created in the mind of the common man. God’s will is ashamed of nothing, as is the nudist family. The nudist family is not afraid of the naked body and a nudist is not aroused unnaturally by its very natural presence. What is more natural than wandering around in the grand outdoors swimming or hiking or sunbathing in the nude?

Naturism is founded in the belief of freedom. Not political freedom or sociological freedom or freedom of tyranny, but the freedom of nature itself, the freedom to be who you are without having to hide anything from anybody. If there is no shame there is nothing to hide, right? Shame is a man made convention, not a God created ideal.

Nudist beaches themselves are havens for anyone. Usually they are set in an idyllic setting such as a gorgeous beach or desolate mountain top, safely tucked away from the horrors of city life. Many Christian churches have naturist communes on the grounds. These are places for people to practice both their carefree lifestyle and their Christian based faith. It is time for mankind to get back to a simpler life. Technology is a wonderful thing but can cloud the mind with issues. Sometimes everyone needs to escape, to clear the mind and free the body and get back to God’s green Earth without hassle. The fact that most nudist beaches are enjoyable vacation spots is simple the icing on the cake. It makes the decision to enjoy a few days away from it all that much easier to take. Get rid of the cell phone and the laptop and the clothing for just a few days and get out on that mountaintop or that beach and relax and enjoy the world and solitude and simple company of other carefree people. Perhaps your family is a nudist family that only needs to realize freedom to find health and balance. You’ll never know until you try.

It’s not a hard decision to make once you are there and see all the happy worry free faces of the relaxed people lounging around enjoying nature in the nude. They could care les about the stress and worry of morality and bills and other people’s hang-ups. They are too busy celebrating God and nature and all God’s brilliant creation. - Nudist Family & Nude Lifestyle Photography

Nudist Beaches

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Nude beach or nudist beach is all what you want to know about? Let us start first to find out the meaning of nudism or nudist itself. The very mention of these two words often arouses feelings of titillation, embarrassment, outrage or even a combination of the three. For the thousands of people involved in the naturist movement worldwide, however, the idea of a nude beach seems, well, natural. After all, we all come into this world wearing only our birthday suits. Nudism or nudist are ideas that believe about being the way we were born and the way human kind was for most of our history: nude except when the weather dictated otherwise. It brings everyone down to the same level. You never know if the person you are talking to is a janitor, a doctor, or the CEO of a Fortune 100 company. Nudists are extremely accepting of everyone no matter the gender, race, sex, size, etc. Whether you shop at Wal-Mart or Brooks Brothers, no one knows and no one cares. It allows us to relax and just enjoy good company.

A nude beach is a beach where the users generally wear no clothing. If clothing is optional then, to emphasize that, also the terms clothing-optional beach and free beach are used. It is one of the most common and traditional forms of public nudity. A nude beach should not be confused with a topfree beach or topless beach, where upper body clothing is not required for women or men, although a swimming costume covering the genitals is required for both men and women.

There are unofficial several criteria that must be met for a beach to be categorized a nude beach, that is, not a part of private club or resort. Nude and topless beaches first became popular along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of France in the 1950s. Since then, several beaches from Crete to the Caribbean have become “clothing optional.” All over the world, you can find a nude or clothing-optional beach that will meet your needs. A wide variety of venues can provide you with the kind of nude beach you seek: Certain bed and breakfasts, resorts, camp sites, private clubs, and spas all cater to customers who feel more comfortable in the nude. At some you’ll find total privacy. Others attract a community of like-minded sun worshipers who have a fondness for a nude beach. - Nudist Family & Nude Lifestyle Photography

People visit nude beaches for many reasons, including because they enjoy being nude or partially nude, because they enjoy looking at people who are nude, because of curiosity, because of personal philosophy, or simply because they believe that there is no reason to wear clothing (see naturism and nudism). Sunbathing with little or no clothing allows a more even sun tan, eliminating tan lines.

Nude beaches are variously known as “FKK” (from the German Freikörperkultur), “clothing optional” (C.O.) or “free” beaches; they are also described as being “au naturel.” Though the latter term is nominally derived from French, it is, not used by speakers of the language to describe nudity (in French, au naturel is used only for food cooked without preparation). In French, nude beaches are called plages nudistes “nudist beaches” or plages naturistes “naturist beaches.” In British English the terms “topless beach” and “nudist beach” are most common.

Most existing nude beaches have been used as such for many years and thus have become “traditionally nude”. Many are “unmanaged” beach areas that have been adopted by the local users in an effort to maintain the beach’s “quality”. Others’ right to existence has been recognized as such by one or another legislative body—municipal, regional or national, and are termed “official” (although not necessarily legitimate). One can distinguish between different types of beaches:

* Those where nudity is illegal and/or not tolerated. Nudity may result in requests to cover up, uncomfortable glares, a fine or arrest. * Those that are unofficially tolerated by the “authorities” * “Official” nude beaches o Nudity is compulsory unless the weather is bad, etc. o Clothing is optional (i.e., nudity is permitted but not required)

The clothes free areas tend to be segregated or isolated physically from the non-nude areas. In other instances people maintain a comfortable space between people dressing differently. Signage is often used to inform beach visitors about what to encounter and/or to segregate different areas on the beach. This accommodates people who are not comfortable with nudity. This also accommodates beach users who do not like to be watched too much, especially by clothed individuals.

In the United States, the popularity of traditional nude beaches has declined somewhat over past decade due to the influx of abusive users[citation needed], the aging of the nudist community, and the efforts on the part of religious groups, usually Christian fundamentalists, to close them down. However, the number of official nude beaches has, in fact, increased during this period. Most of this increase can be attributed to the ongoing stewardship of local nudist organizations and the establishment of working relationships with—or lobbying of—local municipalities and law enforcement agencies. In fact, clothing-free attractions are increasingly being recognized as being a good source of tourist income. The users of nude beaches are sometimes the target of enforcement relating to legislation banning public nudity, often because of broad language included in laws or bills intended to target sexually oriented businesses. Clothes free organizations such as the Naturist Action Committee have lobbied against such bills.

In the United States, nude beaches stretch from Santa Cruz, California (home of the Red, White, and Blue nude beach) to Moshup nude beach in Martha’s Vineyard. Nude beaches in Europe can be found everywhere from Pori, Finland (Yyteri nude beach) to Banana nude Beach in Greece. Wherever you do, know that a visit to a nude beach is a natural experience. And that the pleasure of sunning and swimming at a nude beach is one you will long remember. So pick your favorite place, check to make sure your nude beach is open to the public, and get ready to shed your cares and your clothes at the nude beach. There are almost 50 places where nudity or topless sunbathing is allowed or tolerated. These nude beach locations include Blacks’ Beach, the most popular nude beach in the country and the nation’s oldest nude beach (San Gregorio, where people have been going topless since 1967)

By Wiradhitya Nugraha - Nudist Family & Nude Lifestyle Photography

Nudism and Sex

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I think nudism and sex does get mixed up sometimes. I think that in Europe and particularly in Germany the people are more in touch with themselves and more comfortable with nudity. I remember walking round the Englische Garten in Munich some years ago. It was full of nudists and naked people just enjoying themselves the same way in which clothed people would. No one batted an eyelid and its probably how nudism was intended to be. I cannot for the life of me imagine the same scene in London’s Hyde Park. Well I can, but it wouldn’t be pretty.

The point of nudism surely is the sense of freedom and the choice to remove clothes, go for a swim and just generally chill out. I am not sure what all the fuss is about. I wonder sometimes why people go to extraordinary lengths just to get naked even in mid winter when any fool can see its best to wrap up warm.

There is a certain element of voyeurism in naturism. I am convinced of this. Most of it is harmless and mild but endless photos of guys seeking pleasure in having their photos taken – standing straight, arm on hip, staring out to sea – the emphasis on ‘look at my willy’ is really not a good promotion of nudism in general. Even nude on a beach, I would prefer my lower half left out of the picture but would have no objections to being photographed fully in a group with others naked. I would not like to be photographed posing just for the sake of it. This has nothing to do with not being ashamed or being ashamed of anything.

Nudists who make a habit of this attract ridicule and do naturism no favours. In the United Kingdom there are several nudist beaches. Unfortunately, these beaches inevitably attract the ‘man in mac’ types and all the nudists tend to be bunched up into some signposted area with big read warning signs as if the occupants of this part of the beach are abnormal. Even more disturbing is that they are almost always against a backdrop of sand dunes. Look closely and you can see the glint of light shining off the array of binoculars and bird watchers amongst the grass – sadly they are not seeking the feathered birds. I am sorry if I paint a sorry and seedy picture of nudism in the UK. There are of course places where you can find secluded locations and out of the way places where you can relax and enjoy nudism as it should be enjoyed.

Having enjoyed naturism in the past in countries where the climate and environment is more condusive to feeling the wind between ones legs, I am not against naturism in any way at all. For me naturism is a personal thing. Perhaps something to be enjoyed with a group of friends or whenever the occassion lends itself. It is not something that will cause me to run off in desperation to find the nearest place to remove my clothes.

So, nudism and sex. The two are tied obviously – I hear you gasp. Look around the internet to try and find a reasonable naturist site such as this one and you find endless exploits of photos of naturists, nudist videos for sale and nudist sites designed for people to come and oggle.

Great if your a voyeur and this is what you want. How many genuine naturists have posted their nude pics somewhere on the net only to find that they end up on some porn site or adult image bank. Failing that, and I am sorry to be blunt, but how many end up decorating someones desktop and objects of lust and desire by people saving money on buying the latest Playboy mag.

Naturists need to be careful. If your footloose and fancy free and really don’t give a damn thats fine but what happens when you get married, have kids maybe, and then, lo and behold your 9 year old photo of you naked is found plastered all over some website. Believe me, it happens.

The reason why naturism and sex go hand in hand is the reason we have naturist clubs that do not generally accept single men. The safety and security factor of such clubs provides a better environment for nudists. There are also plenty of ‘swingers’ who are into naturism in a big way. Naturists attract the wrong types. Its a fact. Another reason why clubs are so popular. Seclusion is a kind of protection. It is such a shame that it has to be this way. If our society were more liberal and we had all become used to naturism and nudism in the parks and streets of our land then perhaps many more would be encouraged to shed their clothing.

And finally, naturism is all about getting back to nature? I am not so sure. What I do find funny is naturists wandering around a supermarket carrying shopping bags, wearing sun shades, a watch, shoes or trainers and not a stitch of clothing. Surely, that was never meant to be. It cannot be too hygienic in a supermarket surely.

by Andy Stavely - Nudist Family & Nude Lifestyle Photography